Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th, 2013

Hello family!!

Soooo... where do I begin?
Well, on Tuesday, we drove to the Harrisburg chapel with my (former) District Leader and his companion who was getting transferred. There was a mini transfer meeting there, and Sister Thomas got her new companion Sister Winkler who was already serving in our zone - so they knew each other a little bit. We said our goodbyes (not fun) and she headed back to Elizabethtown, and I headed to Pittsburgh. I got to ride in a truck with 3 other missionaries and we hauled a trailer full of luggage! It was kind of scary at time since the Elder who was assigned to drive had never driven with a trailer being pulled behind him! But we made it safe :)
Once in Pittsburgh, we had a transfer meeting where it was announced that I would be serving as a Sister Training Leader in Butler. My new companion's name is Sister Draper! She is from Highland, UT (3rd utah companion in a row), and she is fun. She is 21, went to BYU-Idaho before her mission and has been out 3 months longer than I have. After we got luggage figured out and were all set to go, we were driven to Evan City! We are called the Butler West Sisters, but our apartment is in Evan City.. The hardest part about coming to this area so far is that we are both unfamiliar with the area! I'll explain: the day before I arrived (10/21/13 - monday), the Butler Elders switched apartments with the Butler Sisters! The Elders moved into downtown Butler because it has become a walk area, and we have all the area around them, with a car. Which means that Sister Draper knows very, very little about the area we now have. It has definitely been an adventure! Haha But, we are figuring it out together and we will be pros in no time :)
We have 2 investigators who both have baptismal dates! One of them is GOLDEN! Her name is Destiny and she is absolutely incredible. She has read the Bible so much you can hardly read the words because it is so marked up! Ever since she was given a Book of Mormon, she has completely dove in and is REALLY reading it! It is so amazing to see her passion for the gospel before she even really knows it! She has come to church the past 2 sundays, comes to the BOM class held on Wednesday nights at the chapel, and has us over twice a week for lessons. I already love her so much!!
Andrew is the other investigator. He is a very sweet young guy. He became interested in the church because of a girl he met online who lives in Utah... haha She is LDS and has said that she wants to marry a mormon. The cool part about it though, was that yesterday, Andrew sat next to me in church and the 3rd speaker gave a little background of his life. He told the congregation that he became interested because of a girl he liked in high school! He said at first his family was convinced he was only doing it because of the girl, but now many years later being married to a woman who was NOT  that girl he liked in high school, they are convinced otherwise. :) Andrew turned to me after that part of his talk and said, "that is wild. I like that." Haha He is on the right track!
The ward here is SO sweet! Sister Kinney (the missionary I replaced) served in this ward for 7.5 months. A long time. So, all the ward members immediately recognized a new face and all the women came up to me with a smile on their face, giving me a huge hug, and asked me about myself. I felt very welcome. :) The Elizabethtown ward will always hold a special place in my heart, but I feel so blessed to have been sent (as the follow-up ward) here to Butler, where the people are so loving and kind.
Anyway, we have planned our first exchange next week with the Brookeville Sisters and then next Friday I get to attend my first Missionary Leadership Council. So, lots to tell you next week! I love you all so much!!! Oh! And it has gotten drastically colder in the last week (we had our first tiny snow) and I was SO GRATEFUL that I had the gloves Jessie and Marcus gave me! They are soo nice! Thank you so much! Haha 
LOVE YOU ALL!!! I hope you have such a fabulous week!

Sister Walborn

p.s. Pictures: Sister Thomas and I saying our final goodbyes.... I really miss her! And then a pitcure of Sister Draper and I in our apartment. I forgot to mention this earlier but my new apartment is like 4 times the size of the apartment in Elizabethtown! I have my own shower! lol I LOVE YOU!!


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