Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 3rd, 2013

Hello family!
Well, this week had some super awesome moments... and some not so super awesome moments. haha Sounds a lot just like life in general, right?
Well, I want to start off with the awesome moments first. One that I really wanted to share is how much I appreciate the members of the Elizabethtown Ward! They are so amazing! One of the days this past week, we had 3 appointments set up with investigators fairly close together.. We had made arrangements for members to come with us to the 2nd and 3rd appointments because they were both with single men and therefore would not be allowed to go in their house without someone with us. We got a call the day before these appointments were happening from a member (SHE IS SO AWESOME), asking us if we would like to have lunch at her house and she would go pick up our first investigator for the day so we could have lunch with her there too and just teach the lesson in her home.... so cool. So, we had a lesson with Dalitza in this member's home and it was wonderful. Dalitza is so sweet but struggles with a lot of stuff in her life. We taught her about the commandments God has given us and the blessings we receive when we are obedient to those commandments. The member we were with was so great in perceiving when Dalitza was struggling to understand certain things, and would come in with exactly the right explanation to help her (and therefore help us!). So that was wonderful. Just as we are leaving her house to head off to our next appointment, we find out that the lady we were planning on having at our 3rd appointment could no longer make it... We were bummed and frustrated because we would have to call and cancel since we didn't have time to call different sisters and ask last minute for them to tag along! The member whose home we were leaving turned to us and said, "hey I'll come!" ..What's the address and what time?" ......she rocks. She totally saved us! :)
Our next appointment of the day went smoothly and our awesome Ward mission leader's wife came with us to that one. She is so sweet and bore sincere testimony of what we were teaching.
Our 3rd appointment (the one that the member from the first appointment said she would come to) was with Mikey! :) After coming to church on Sunday, he knew this member and he liked seeing a familiar face - besides us of course. We were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation. He thought it was so wonderful that EVERYONE gets the chance to learn about the gospel and have the opportunity to accept Christ into their heart, whether that chance comes here on earth or in the spirit world. When we taught him about resurrection and explained that everyone who has ever come to earth will be able to be resurrected, he responded, "I want to come back as a cat!" And he busted up laughing. Sister Thomas and I had no idea where that came from and all that was running through my mind was "...uhm... what?" The member just laughed and politely said, "they are talking about resurrection, not reincarnation." We all laughed for a minute and then got back to the lesson. Mikey has a very genuine heart and Sister Thomas and I are planning to invite him to be baptized at our next visit. :)
Oh my goodness guess what?!?! Probably the MOST exciting news of my week - DEB CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE FIRST TIME ON SUNDAY!!! :D She had surgery this past week on Wednesday, and because of that her boss gave her time off (she works Saturdays and Sundays at the Market) and she was able to come to church! She brought her husband and after the meeting, we talked to them for a little bit and Deb said that she loved it very much. Her favorite part was when the little kids got up and bore their testimonies because they were so sweet :) Aw man, I love her.
Anyway, the last super cool thing I wanted to tell you about is a family in my ward. They are so awesome, they feed us consistently every week and we LOVE their family!! Yesterday, since it was labor day and the Dad didn't have to work, they invited us over in the middle of the day for a lunch/barbecue/hang out time.... we got to go to our house in our "pday garb" and it was so great. We arrived at their house at 12:45 and didn't leave until 5:30! It was so nice to be in a home, surrounded by awesome people, and be in normal clothes... :) Another family from our ward came as well, and after the meal all the kids were outside, the elders and the dads were in the living room, and the mothers plus us were in the kitchen chatting. The couple whose home we were at both attended BYU, but the Dad doesn't overly love BYU... and he knows very well that I DO overly love BYU. Haha So, in the middle of our chatting sessions in separate rooms he yells, "Yo Sister Walborn, did you hear the news?" ...I responded, "uhhhh what news?" and then he proceeds to shout, "BYU lost MISERABLY in their first football game a few days ago because their team made a REALLY lousy play at the LAST second!" All I could say was, "greaaaat. Thanks for the info!" Haha They are so fun. This ward really is amazing, and I hope I get to stay here for a lot longer!! :)
I love you all so much! Always do your part to uplift those around you, you never know how much they need it or how much it will mean to them. Hope you have an AMAZING week!!!
Sister Walborn
p.s. Pictures: One is of this really goofy sign we always pass on our way to church... We finally stopped to take a picture. Haha and the other is just a picture of Sister Thomas and I that we took one day for fun because we were totally twinning - Sock buns and pearls :) LOVE YOU!! 

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  1. I just want to say, that I don't always get to read these posts each week, but I sure do enjoy catching up on the ones that I haven't read. Abby's mission is truly inspiring, and I love hearing about all the blessings that she is experiencing in PA! :)

    All my love,
    Molly Anderson <3