Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 9th, 2013

So, I have no idea how the last 6 weeks went by so fast! I feel like I was in Pittsburgh just last week picking up Sister Thomas... so crazy. Anyway, all transfer calls have been made and good news- I get to be in E-town for another six weeks!! :D So no crazy surprises from President Topham this time, Sister Thomas and I will get to complete her training (and mine too) here together. We are SO happy!!
This past week was good! We had a lot of good moments and the weather was AMAZING!!!! We chose to walk more than normal because it was just so beautiful outside! I'm bad with temperatures but I would say it was in the mid 70s, not very humid, and had a wonderful cool breeze... :) We said lots of gratitude prayers!
So just an update on some of our investigators:
We didn't get to meet with Deb which was really sad.. She said she would call us on 2 different days and then never did. She said things are just crazy right now with a lot of different things going on and that she hasn't been ignoring us, so we are hoping that she really is okay. Hopefully we will get to see her a few times this upcoming week.
Mikey is doing okay. We had the plan of committing him to baptism this week but it wasn't the right time. We had a really awesome lesson with him because we brought a member from our ward who has had some similar experiences as him and could really relate. She did an awesome job of explaining the principle of utilizing the Atonement she said, "If you feel really good now after going through AA, you will be amazed to see the huge burden lifted off of your shoulders and how much more incredible you can feel when you use this gospel and turn to your Father in heaven. You can feel completely clean." :) The power of members never ceases to amaze me! Even though the lesson went really well, Mikey said he had a previous commitment on Sunday and wouldn't be able to make it to church. We want Mikey to have a little better understanding of baptism and the covenants he will be making before we invite him to make those sacred promises with God. It will all work out, as long as we put our trust in the Lord's timing!
We had a really good lesson with Dalitza this week!! She has told us details about her past in previous lessons that scared us a little bit but she has never truly shown a desire to change. But on Saturday we had a lesson with her that we had planned on re-teaching the Plan of Salvation and talk about her purpose in life a little more, but the Spirit changed it up for us and took it a different way. We began teaching the Plan of Salvation but when we were talking about our time here on earth, we talked a lot about repentance and the Atonement. Dalitza opened up to us and expressed a desire to be free of all her guilt through repentance. We were so grateful! She told us the different things she would do to start repenting and we were so thrilled for her! We received bad news yesterday though, an awesome girl in our ward (one of our ward missionaries- she is SO GREAT) had texted Dalitza to see if she could pick her up for church and Dalitza told her that she really didn't want to go... :( We didn't get any other details, so we are hoping it didn't have anything to do with church itself but that something else was going on.
Yep. That's a simple update. This week was pretty low for us numbers wise, but our District Leader told us on the phone last night after we gave them to him that if we know we worked hard, then we had a good week. It also helped Sister Thomas and I sit back and realize that even though we didn't reach some of our goals, Heavenly Father blessed us in other ways. We had sensational unity this week! We have had an awesome companionship with practically zero problems but this week was exceptionally great. I feel very blessed!
I hope all is well at home! I love you all so much! Put God first and all other things will fall into place! :)
Sister Walborn
p.s. Pictures: Me at Nissley Vineyards - apparently it is well known? Not sure, but it was beautiful! Another picture is of a random place in our area that was just stunningly beautiful.. so we had to stop and take a picture. And the last one is of me in the middle of some HUGE sun flowers! They were growing if front of the apartment building a few down from us and thought they were pretty cool. Yep, that's it for this week. LOVE YOU!!

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