Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

Hello family!!
Well, I hope everyone had a tremendously wonderful Thanksgiving :) I sure did! The morning of Thanksgiving, we received 2 phone calls from members who were not planning on feeding us that day, but wanted to make sure we were taken care of! So sweet. We actually ended up going to one of their homes in the afternoon because they were eating very early. So, we had 3 huge meals!! Sister Draper and I were struggling pretty bad after the second one. haha The members were so kind in letting us come into their homes and let us feel the love that was there.
Earlier this week we received a ton of snow!! Oh by the way, there is a family in the ward who always gives us weather reports and they told us that Michigan received 2 feet of snow. I hope that was fun! :) Anway, tuesday was when the snow really came here and it was absolutely gorgeous!! As we were driving on a back road to visit one of the new sisters in the ward, I had to make Sister Draper pull over so I could take pictures because it took my breath away! Ah! I love it! It went away quickly though because it rained the next day, which made the steps leading up to our apartment VERY slick... thank heavens we have not fallen!
But one thing I wanted to tell you about this week, was an experience we had with Destiny- our recent convert. She is so wonderful. We had a lesson with her on Tuesday which went very well. We usually meet with her on Thursdays as well but with Thanksgiving, she thought it would be best for her to focus on her family (even though she said she wanted us to come over). We totally understood and were happy that she was excited for that special time with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. Well, her grandson is the one I briefly mentioned last week, he is special needs and an amazing trooper with everything he has been through medically. He has a very special spirit and LOVES music. Well, on our way home Thursday night, we got a call from her. She was so excited to explain to us a special thing that had just happened. She told us that Justus had found on her ipad (he is 5 and extremely technologically inclined) a video on the church website where little children are singing, "I am a child of God". She told us that as he was listening to the song, he ran over to the fridge and stared at it for a few moments, then pointed up at the picture of Christ... then he looked over to Destiny and smiled. Keep in mind that this little boy has never been introduced to the knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, or anything else religious. How special!! Destiny told us that she knew at that moment, that Justus knows who God is and that he is special to God! It really helped me remember that little children really are our mentors, if we take the time to learn from them and recognize that they have so much to teach us! :)
Destiny also bore her testimony yesterday. When she got up to the puplit, she began by saying, "If I shared my full testimony, it would take a couple days... so I will try to do a shorter version." :) I am so grateful for her example! She has barely been a member for 2 weeks and yet her testimony is unshakable!
Transfers are tomorrow, and both Sister Draper and I will be here for another 6 weeks. We have become much closer than I ever expected, so I am excited that we have this time together! We are understanding each other more and more everyday and learning how we can really help each other become better. I love the way of a mission, having a companion that I get to learn how to love has been such a tremendous blessing for me!
I hope you have a fabulous week!! Never forget to take time out of each day to thank Heavenly Father for the MANY blessings he has given each of us! :) His love is so incredible! LOVE YINZ!!
Sister Walborn
p.s. pictures: 1) Sister Draper and I on tuesday morning when the snow was falling in huge flakes! 2) the area I was telling you about that took my breath away. 3) Sister Draper and I being silly in the pink jackets that a less-active member named Joe gave us - the bottom floor of our apartment is always really cold so we are wearing them constantly! haha LOVE YOU!!

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