Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 9th, 2013

Familyyyy :)
Okay, so this week was really good. Lots of wonderful things happened! But first, you really, really should go and watch/listen to a video on mormonchannel.org, under holiday media, a video called "O Come, Emmanuel - Christmas Version". It is the Piano guys with little bits of video of Mary and Christ... it brought me to tears it was so wonderful. I really believe music is one of the ways that Heavenly Father speaks to me the most clearly.
Anyway, I am so grateful for this wonderful Butler Ward!! They really love the missionaries and it is a genuine love. There is a couple that has a daughter on a mission in Cambodia, and they do so much for the elders and us. We received a name from the ward of a lady who had recently moved in, and they took us to find her. It took us an hour! haha She lived on a road that isn't marked but the road she supposedly lived on was on the other side of the main road, and... well, you get the picture. It took us forever but they were so diligent and had such a happy, optimistic attitude about doing whatever it took to find her. We ended up finding her house! Another family in the ward gave us these massive, plush blankets that are so warm!! Which I was extremely grateful for because I can't ever seem to get warm.
Another lady that the ward told us to visit, is a sweet older less-active woman named Vella. She lives alone in a tiny apartment and craves human interaction. We went over to see her twice but she was doing laundry so she told us to come back. On thursday though, she invited us to come and help her put up Christmas decorations! It was so fun!! We set up her little fake Christmas tree and put little cling-ons onto the window. She had bought way too many, so she even sent us home with some. :) She was soooo grateful for our help though, even though we felt like we didn't really do much. I think it was mostly the conversation that she benefitted from and she told us "you know where I live, so please come back!" haha I love her.
We had to do a fair amount of tracting this week because we are desperately trying to find investigators. We know that Heavenly Father has people ready for us to teach, we are just earnestly trying to follow the Spirit to know where they are. It's a challenge. But, our faith and trust is in God and we know that He will help us... He is on our side :)
We got to attend Missionary Leadership Council on Friday and sheesh, it was so wonderful! Two of the sisters that I was over last transfer (and they both came out with me) became Sister Training Leaders this transfer so I got to see them!! Also, my awesome district that I was with when I was serving in Elizabethtown (my favorite group of missionaries ever), 5 out of the 8 of us are on the Council now and it was such a happy, fun reunion!! haha I think my favorite part of attending MLC though, was President Topham's passion for this work! He has made the goal for our mission to have 400 baptisms in the year 2014! Which means that by the time he leaves in July, we need to have half of those baptisms. He broke it down and showed us that each district needs to have a baptism every month! We are really excited to accomplish this goal.
Everything is going well here!! I hope everything is going well at home too!!!! LOVE YINZ!
Sister Walborn
p.s. Pictures: 1) the pretty lights we have up in our bedroom.. we wanted a little christmas spirit in our apartment :)  2) This AWESOME guy in our ward named Alan Kean!! He is a total goofball and has wack-o ties on usually every Sunday. But, this Sunday he stepped it up a notch and wore a lava lava. Baha. Way fun. 
Have a wonderful week! LOVE YOUU! 
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