Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th, 2014

I'm sorry I didn't email last week! Last Saturday, on June 7th, Garett got baptized! :D  Holy cow.. it was so incredible. I don't know if I told you this either, but the monday before his baptism, he told us that he had finished the Book of Mormon! He read the entire thing in 23 days, and immediately started in the Doctrine and Covenants and the Old Testament. He is such a huge inspiration!! The day of his baptism was so special. Justin Hatch our branch mission leader told us that as he was walking back to the font with Garett, he asked him, "So... are you really ready to do this?" Garett without any hesitiation, excitedly responded, "OH yeah!" At the end of the service, he bore his testimony. In simple, sincere words he expressed his gratitude for the knowledge that he has a Heavenly Father. He knows that God wants us to pray to Him and that He is always going to answer those prayers. He has been so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the many things it has taught him as he has read it. He knows that Jesus Christ is His Savior and that if he keeps the commandments and endures to the end, he will be blessed. :)
His parents both came to the baptism and they seemed, though indifferent to religion, very proud of Garett and happy that he has developed such strong faith. He was absolutely glowing afterwards and kept telling us that he couldn't wait for the next day when he would finally be confirmed a member and receive the Holy Ghost. It was awesome!  Then, a few days later we had our first "new member lesson" with Garett and felt prompted to talk about missionary work. It went well, and he committed to start praying about receiving opportunities to share the gospel, and praying about the possiblity of serving a full-time mission! He continued through the week to read at an incredible pace through the scriptures and send us questions he had while reading. He is currently in Leviticus and past D&C 50.  Then, stake conference came! Because of the request from the first presidency, the Adult session on Saturday evening was entirely about missionary work!! It was amazing! I got to see Elder Walter C. Selden and he recognized me immediately!! He said he had been looking for me and wanted me to know that Grandma and Grandpa are doing well. It was a huge tender mercy! :) I told him that I had someone that I wanted him to meet (Garett) and he was so excited! He asked me to make sure that I don't leave on Sunday without introducing Garett to him! On Sunday morning, there was a recent convert meeting for anyone who had been baptized within the past 2 years. Garett was the newest member of the bunch and Elder Selden picked him out during the meeting and asked him to share his experience. It was so wonderful to hear Garett share how he, "had never been to church before in his life, but when he started reading the Book of Mormon it was a total game changer, and he knew this was true!" HOW COOL!!! Immediately after the meeting Elder Selden came right up to Garett and thanked him for sharing his experiences. As they continued talking, Elder Selden got a very serious expression on his face and said, "I hope... no, I KNOW by looking in your eyes, that you are going to do great things.."  :) As we walked away from the meeting, we told Garett how cool that was, for a general authority to so boldly declare that he will do great things!
I love you all so much!! The work is begninning to slow down here now that summer is in full swing and so many students have left. Sister Moss and I are excited to work even harder and find those that Heavenly Father is preparing for us to teach! The gospel of Jesus Christ has the potential to change anyone's life... just like it has changed mine. :) Have an amazing week!!
Sister Walborn
p.s. Pictures: 1) President and Sister Topham with me at their last zone conference! They are so sweet and they will be GREATLY missed!!  2) Sister Moss and I with Garett at the baptism!


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