Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

So this week has been like a rollercoaster. It started wonderfully! On Tuesday we had an amazing miracle happen with a guy named Cody! Here in the University Branch, we very, very rarely get to have lessons in member's homes. We almost always meet on campus. Well, we had a young adorable couple volunteer to have one of our lessons in their home on Tuesday night. We had a lesson planned with an investigator named Anthony who has been investigating for a very long time (way before either of us got here) and is not keeping commitments, he just doesn't seem to really care to figure out if the Church is true and/or he is afraid to act on the knowledge since he knows it would come! Anyway, Tuesday afternoon we got a text from Anthony saying he couldn't make it and we were so sad!! We texted the Mosses (the awesome couple) to let them know and they said that Kade (the husband) had a friend that he has been talking to at wrestling practice that he invited to come to the lesson and the friend, Cody, said yes!! Cody and Kade are on the Penn State wrestling team, and it is incredible because the coaches are brothers from Heber, UT - both wonderful members!!! Along with Kade, there is also another member of the branch that is on the wrestling team so Cody has had plenty of interaction with the church through them! So the lesson still happened, just with Cody instead of Anthony and it was AMAZING!!! Cody has such a genuine curiosity to know what he is supposed to do with his life and why there are so many churches and why mormons are such dedicated people, etc. He came with so many sincere questions and was really taking in and internalizing everything we were saying! Heavenly Father's hand was so easily noticeable through the entire thing. It was such a blessing :)
Throughout the week we had multiple lessons with Garett. He is just incredible.. I really don't know how to explain it, other than he JUST GETS IT! He has intently listened to what we say and taken it to the Lord every time so that he didn't have to rely upon us. The Spirit has testified to his heart over and over that this is true and because of that knowledge, he has gotten more and more excited for his baptism and the opportunity to officially make that promise to Heavenly Father that he will follow Him for the rest of his life. He passed his baptismal interview on Friday with flying colors and he happily paid a fast offering on Sunday. Miracles happen every single day!
Then.. life took a rough turn. One of my favorite sister missionaries in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission had to go home this morning because of a medical condition called TMJ. I don't know much about it, she explained it has a problem in her jaw joint. She and I were Sister Training Leaders at the same time and developed a friendship through that calling, then last transfer we were both called to serve in the State College area - she to the family ward, and I to the University branch. Since then, she has become one of my dearest friends. She was raised on a farm, played college volleyball, and knows how to work her butt off. She has taught me in so many ways how to be grateful for everything the Lord puts in my path. This experience broke my heart, to see her having to go home when that was the last thing she wanted to have to do! I want you all to know how much I value everyday that I get to serve the Lord as a missionary. The gospel is true! Sister Parker fulfilled her mission in so many ways, and I have been blessed by her probably more than she will ever know. This morning as I got to hug her at the airport, I realized that she has done more good for the people she has served in these past nine months than most missionaries ever dream to do throughout their whole time on their mission. I know that we all were blessed with different talents and abilities, and that if we LET Heavenly Father use them, we can impact the lives of so many people - the way Sister Parker did for me.
I love this place with all my heart. I feel your prayers and am strengthened when I think of the wonderful support group I have behind me! When we put the Lord first, I have a firm testimony that all other things fall into their proper place. Have a wonderful week!
Sister Walborn
p.s. pictures: 1) Sister Moss and I with our district leader and Garett after passing his baptismal interview!! 2) The wonderful Sister Parker and I, just before saying our last goodbyes. LOVE YOU!

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