Thursday, June 13, 2013

1st and Last P-Day in the MTC

Oh my goodness gracious!
I can't believe that it has only been a week and one day since I entered the Missionary Training Center! Time is very weird here because a day feels like a week, but at the same time a week feels like a day. It's very odd. But everything is going so well! I have the most amazing District! There are 10 of us total, and all of us are going to Pittsburgh. Six of us are Sisters and the other 4 are Elders. The coolest part about it is that three out of four of our Elders are only 18 years old, and four out of the six Sisters are 19. So the majority of us would not be here if it hadn't been for President Monson's announcement in October to lower the ages for missionaries to serve. It makes it interesting though because since the Elders are so young, it kind of feels like we are all their mothers! We all love each other and have had so much fun spending so much time together! It is probably pretty much impossible to not become close to the people in your District because we are all together so much, spending 8+ hours in the classroom together, we always sit together at meals, and always doing activities together when we get to go to the gym or the field!
Well, the first thing I really wanted to tell you about is my teacher Sister Clark. She was the first teacher our District had here in the MTC and she is officially one of the most wonderful people on this planet! She got back from her mission in Washington D.C. North/visitors center about a year and a half ago and she is so passionate about the gospel, it is impossible not to love her! She gives the most wonderful analogies and is always dancing around the classroom, engaging us and giving us the greatest desire to get out and serve. It is really funny though because she is a ballerina, and is incredibly thin with really pale skin and dark brown hair. The funny thing about that, is that she is actually Brazilian..... haha. Her mother is full blooded Brazilian and Sister Clark spent part of her childhood growing up in Brazil(so, naturally she speaks Portugese beautifully and we asked her frequently to speak it for us). The sad thing about Sister Clark, is that she has not been able to teach us this week. She is taking an exit exam this week for her Masters Degree and had to take off this week to study for it. She also had an appointment early this week because of a severe tumor scare in her eyelids that she has been really nervous for. So before she left us on Saturday night, the Elders in my District gave her a priesthood blessing of health and comfort to help her during the time that she couldn't be with us. It was a very special experience, that really brought us together as a District. We pray for her daily and have fasted for her as well. We get to see her in two days and we all are SO excited!!
Even though Sister Clark has been gone and we have missed her phenomenal teaching skills, we have still been learning and growing so much!! Every teacher here in the MTC takes their job very seriously and wants to do everything they can to help us become the best missionaries we can possibly be. They are so inspired and we all come away from every lesson feeling spiritually enriched and motivated to invite and help people come unto Christ.  Last night, in our 6:00-9:00pm class, we had our 2nd subsititute, and he was amazing! He taught us so much about how Christ taught during His earthly ministry and how we can apply those characteristics in our teaching (I recommend reading 3 Nephi 17, it is really amazing to imagine feeling what that multitude felt as Christ came unto them).
But I want to tell you about the Sisters!! My companion is the most adorable thing in the whole world! She is from Nephi, Utah and her name is Sister Williams. She is such a goofball, so giggly and just a wonderful person to be around! We have gotten to know each other really, so we have gotten good at reading the other and recognizing when we are frustrated, distracted, down-hearted, etc., and it has been such a blessing! We are so open with each other and we have been able to build a lot of trust in each other, and our teaching has become so much more effective because of it. I love her! I love all the Sisters in my district! We are all in one room here in the MTC and we have really become very close. We all are very different and have unique backgrounds, but our love for the gospel brings us together and has made us an unstoppable force! We have so much fun talking in the room, learning about each other and being silly when we get back to our rooms and our brains are about to explode from information overload! Haha
I love you all so much!!

Sister Walborn

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