Saturday, June 1, 2013

So MUCH to do!

Woohooo! It is finally becoming real! I get set apart in 2 days, leave for Utah in 3 days, and enter the MTC in 4 days! It is so crazy! Packing has been a doozy as well, I have made multiple lists of everything that I need to make sure I bring/have in addition to the ones given to me in my mission packet. I am so excited to finally be heading out! This has been on the horizon for months now, and it is finally becoming real! I am so excited!

But anyways, I wanted to post this to:
1) Make sure I am doing this blog thing right
2) Show my beautiful mother how to post my letters as they come each week
3) Complain about how crazy it is trying to pack for 18 months (haha)
4) Have at least one post on here before I head out

Well... now that I have accomplished all those things, I will finish up. I love the Lord and I can't wait to serve the people of Pittsburgh!

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