Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1st letter home from the MTC

This letter came in the mail to us from Abby, so I decided to type it out for all to enjoy!

Mommy & Daddy~

HOLY COW! Today has been one of the most wonderful days of my life! The MTC is truly a magical place. My companion's name is Sister Williams and she is the goofiest, most fun person! She giggles at everything and is so friendly to everyone we meet. She is from Nephi, Utah and is the first missionary to serve out of her siblings. But anyways, today has truly been wonderful. The MTC president and his wife are such sweet people and they told us that we have been the largest group to enter in the history of the MTC. Over 900 missionaries entered the MTC today, June 5th, 2013...it's so crazy to think about.  I saw over a dozen of my friends from BYU and with each one came an excited squeal and hug followed by a conversation about my first day. (OH, JK, I didn't hug the Elders.:))

My district is wonderful and both Sister Brown (who I met in the Denver airport on my flight out to the MTC) and Sister Burnett (who I met in the Celestial room of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple the day I took out my endowments) are in the same room as I am! (BIG SMILE!)

Tonight we had a "teaching experience" where investigators would come in and we had the opportunity to answer their questions and tell them more about the gospel.  It was so wonderful!  I am surrounded by some of the greatest people on earth!! Miss you!

Love, Sister Walborn

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