Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone!!

This week was wonderful. We had the opportunity to do SO much service!! I think it totaled to about 12 hours, when normally we do 3. The one that took the most time, and was the most fun - was helping move a sister in the ward. She lived on the second floor of one of the buildings, and was moving to the first floor of the building right next door. There were about 15 ward members there, plus the four of us missionaries so the phrase "many hands makes light work" was very applicable. The fun part was maneuvering some of the furniture through the doorways and the stairwells so that they could arrive unharmed to the next apartment! Never thought I would learn that skill on my mission! haha 

To get the sad news out of the way- Tiny's work schedule changed so that now he is working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day! Because of that, he said that he won't be able to be able to meet with us for a few months AND he will be so exhausted from work that he will need to catch up on sleep on mondays... :( Satan is horrible. Always there to steer a person wrong, especially when their heart and mind begin to open to what is truly right and good for their life! Oh well, we will still be visiting Jeanette (his LA wife) and hopefully something will come from that. 

We had a really cool experience with Jan yesterday though! She is a less-active lady we have been working with her for months. Her husband Nick is not a member, and he has been listening and participating in the lessons for a little while now! Jan has been coming back to church but the past few weeks she was in Virginia for work. She is a kernel in the Army. During the last few weeks, she had the chance to go to church only once down there and she told us that she could feel Satan working on her! She has dealt with a lot of problems with the army because she is trying to retire but they are not cooperating. While she was there, she told us that she lost her temper with them because of their dishonesty in the situation and she was really disappointed in herself. They had us over for dinner last night and we seemed to be able to get her mind off of it and cheer her up during the meal. As we sat down for the spiritual message though, she got a call that resurfaced all the problems. She broke down crying to us and sitting there, my heart just ached for her. I had no idea how to help in the situation because they were discussing all the different legal actions that could be taken to make the situation right. As I sat there though, the Spirit whispered to me that she needs a blessing. Elder Whitmire was listening to the Spirit as well, because at the same time we turned to Elder Bashein (who was sitting between us) and said "offer a blessing!" :) It was so neat! He quickly agreed and asked Jan if she would want a blessing. Jan's 90 year old mother was also there and as soon as the question was asked, she blurted, "yes! please! she needs it!"  Elder Bashein gave her a beautiful blessing that brought the Spirit so strongly into their home. 

Well, sorry my email wasn't extremely long!! I wish I could share every detail of every day! But I hope you have an amazing week!! The gospel is true and God lives! LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Walborn

p.s. Pictures: 1) Tiny and Jeanette made me cookies once they found out that I wasn't getting transferred! So sweet! The middle ones say "You rock" because I guess that is one of my common phrases... haha :)  2) Sister Larsen and I expressing our excitement for Nancy!! GO COUGARS!!! Pretty much everyone in the ward here knows, because it was such wonderful news for me-I told everyone! :)   LOVE YINZ!!


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